I'm Jen - and I'm a Realtor's best friend!

Hi everyone, 

I'm Jen Collins and I have several years' experience as a Realtor in both Illinois and Florida. But I also have a passion for admin, marketing, management and organization. So... I became a Real Estate Virtual Assistant so I could combine the best of both worlds!

Quick question for the Realtors on this forum – what business-related tasks did you DREAD doing today, but did them because they’re necessary? You know, the ones that seem to take up all your time, drain your energy and seem never-ending. The ones that take away from your time out in the field, closing sales, meeting new prospects and drumming up more business… Sound familiar?


How would it feel waking up to most of that work being done for you, allowing you to focus on more money-making activities each day?


Well, that’s where I come in. I take those dreaded-but-necessary tasks off your plate, saving you time, money and your sanity!


I’m a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, and my job is to make YOUR job (and life!) easier, less stressful and more productive.  If it can be done via phone, email, fax, social media or any other online platforms, I can do it!

Looking forward to getting to know people here and if you'd like to chat about my VA services, I'd like that too!

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