Building A Real Estate Team

Hello Everyone

I am Barb Spencer with UTR TEXAS REALTORS in Houston, TX (League City).  I have been a realtor for 18 years in January 2017.  I also own eight rental properties.  My current goal is to build on my realtor business and add to my investment property inventory. 

I ran across this website while looking for advice and possibly finding a mentor to help me build a real estate team.  Right now I have one part time non-licensed office assistant (12 hours a week) and a Transaction Coordinator.  I still have much more business than I can handle.  There was an excellent article in INVESTFOURMORE on building a team but I would love to have a mentor guide me through it.  The business and clients are coming in but I don't have time to help them all. 

Any advice would be tremendously appreciated.


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