Hi, Mark. I am been reading the blog investfourmore for months now and I'm really motivated to get started. I have been wanting to purchase your Blueprint to successful real estate investing program and I will soon. My issue is that I feel I will have the knowledge but no money to get started. I have no money, credit or anything but I desperately want to make this happen for myself. I don't know if there is much for a person like me to do. Any advice if any on this? Im 22 and it's frustrating because I'm happy that at such a young age I have the mindset to want to invest for my future but discouraged by the thought of having so much knowledge but faced with the brick wall due to no money to get me off the ground with investing. I would appreciate some advice if you could provide any and thank you for being one of the few investors I feel I can trust in a realm full of get rich "gurus".



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