love investing is real estate

Hi my name is boots frei! i am 24 years old and graduating with my bachelors degree in the spring of 2017. My family has been doing real estate for 40+ years. My dad just recently retired and he finished with 50+ units paid off. My two older brothers stepped foot where he was and are successful real estate agents. I have been lucky enough to be in a awesome sales job througout college with another one of my brothers and have made enough money to partner with him and buy 5 properties together. (3 townhomes, 1 fourplex, 1 home). Always looking for the next good deal to increase my rental portfolio. I am really enjoying this website and learning more along the way. with all my properties we are able to put 20-25% down and on 15 fixed rate mortgages and still come ahead just a little after mortage and hoa dues. cant wait to learn more!


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