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Hi Everyone,

My name is Austen Quibell and I'm in the process of obtaining my real estate license and I'm trying to get into a database software that allows me to send many emails monthly. I read in one of Mark's articles that Podio is a good program but I'm having difficulties adding my current database, about 500, to it. Is there an easy I can do this or will I have to manually add each contact one by one. Any help would be superb.


Austen Quibell
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  • Hi Austen,Let ask Justin as I do not do the day to day management of Podio.  
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    Hi Austen, you definitely do not need to manually add. We important a 2K+ database in, no issue. Once you've setup your Contacts app, click the wrench and do an Excel Import. It'll let you match up the fields.

    To do this, obviously, you need to export your current list to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Awesome! Thank you very much for your help!
  • So I've figure out how to do the process on Podio but I'm having issues with getting my file into it. I have my current data base in my yahoo contacts but I'm having difficulties getting them into an excel document and transferring them to Podio. Any suggestions?
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