Hello from Maryland

Hi everyone!

I am a CPA in Maryland.  My husband and I currently have two rentals. One is a long term full time tenant and the other is a vacation rental. Neither is a great investment as far as cash flow and they weren't necessarily bought to be. The full-time rental was bought to help a relative out, and the vacation rental was bought as a family vacation rental to use and we rent it to offset as much as we can of the costs.  But, they combined, have given me the bug.  Our market is pretty expensive for single families and there would not be enough return, so we are looking at small multi-family units. I have worked for many years at the same firm and the principal is looking to retire in  5 - 10 years at which point the firm will be sold.  My goal is to be bringing in enough in cash flow from rentals by then so that I don't have to go work for another firm. I have been too spoiled for too long and don't want to work for anyone else full time. So, I have to get things rolling pretty quickly to try to cultivate this kind of cashflow.  I have done a ton of market research and have been considering this for a long time. Plus we do have two rentals, one with a property manager, and one without. But, I think I need a little encouragement. And maybe  a little confirmation when I find the right deal. 


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