Missouri State Grad Student from Missouri

Hello everyone!

I am a current grad student at Missouri State University, pursuing my MAcc degree (Master's in Accountancy) and CPA license. My accounting knowledge and understanding of business concepts and numbers has really helped me get a good grasp on this concept right off the bat (especially when dealing with lendors and liability risks). Come July I'll be starting with BKD, a rather large public accounting firm (12th largest in the U.S.), as an audit associate. My goal is to create a rental property network that can equal or be greater than my audit salary. And who knows, maybe even more! I've always had a fond interest in real estate, and majored in accounting knowing that accounting is the language of business and I would be able to pursue multiple opportunities from my knowledge (I don't plan on staying in public accounting forever). I just bought two of Mark's books on Amazon (Building a Rental Property Empire, and How to Change Your Mindset to Achieve Huge Success). So far I really like your personal approach which gives me confidence that this is really possible. Thanks for the advice and I'm always excited to learn more!
-Grad Student pursuing Master's of Accountancy at Missouri State University
-BKD audit associate starting July

Goal: To create a rental property network with passive income that is equal or greater than my auditor salary.


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