Title and Property Insurance

I purchased a fix/flip property through my county sheriff sale.  I'll be paying off the home next week.  My question is if I need title insurance.  What are the costs associated with getting it and how does it work for a sheriff sale?  Also, what type of insurance would I need? 

I don't want to cut corners and want to ensure I have the correct insurance in place.  Any help is much appreciated.




  • If you buy at the sherrif sale you are buying as is and title insurance won't do you any good after you have purchased in Colorado. You said you are paying off the home soon, have you not bought it yet? In that case a title company might insure it for you. Around here it is about $1,000
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    I did technically purchase it because I was the highest bidder at the auction.  I had 30 days from the auction to pay the remaining balance in full and I'll get the deed 5-7 days after.  I'll research specifically for Ohio but my guess is I am buying it as-is as well.  Thanks for the help

    Any suggestions on property insurance?
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