Anyone here a luxury agent?

As I sit in a $3M house on the beach dealing with questions on a $155K listing, I am wondering who here has broken into massive luxury listings.

Being a Realtor is an interesting profession--you should be able to move into any neighborhood and begin selling at that level to match your income to the surrounding area. That is assuming you can break into selling there.

If you've done this, what's your story?


  • I think we need to live in an area with 3M houses first. 
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    I think we need to live in an area with 3M houses first. 

    Obviously. :-)

    The question is, if I picked up and moved to an area with $3M houses, what would it take to start selling there?
  • Buy a few new suits. Volunteer for a few charities. Hold open houses every day.

    I talked to an agent in Florida with a 6 million listing. They said that was their only listing of the yeat. 
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    I don't live in a 3 million dollar house but I have sold them, and others in our coastal community. I grew up on the beach and people know me and my family and trust me. I take my business seriously and advertise in high end publications. I don't ever even plan to own a 3 miliion dollar home. I don't think it's necessary. It's about reputation, and it takes time to build that. Good luck! Jan
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