Term life insurance Medical Exam

Before you can get any quote and in actual fact sign your policy, you need a medical exam. The purpose of this exam is clear. First, they would like to verify the data you provided on your application and secondly, they would like to determine if you might have any condition that you 't be conscious of. This health check will directly influence your insurability as well as the final costs of the premiums.


Typically, the insurance company will cover the health check and can determine which paramedical will conduct quality. Occasionally, no health check may be necessary. This often happens for teenagers and/or policies with small coverage amounts. Typically you can expect to be contacted by the paramedic to schedule your term life insurance health check.

Oddly enough, the greater coverage you might be requesting as well as the form of policy you would like, the greater extensive your medical exam will probably be. Physical exam, urine specimen, blood work, EKG and x-ray are routine in the medical exam. You can even be prepared to be tested for HIV, high cholesterol, liver or kidney disorders, diabetes, hepatitis and immune disorders, and also drug use, and smoking.

After your exam, the results is going to be delivered to the insurance company for review. This is the reason giving essentially the most accurate information on your application is important. Should they find discrepancies between application and the link between the test they could deny you coverage or request another exam.

Once the insurance carrier reviews your health check results and approve you, they are going to calculate your premiums depending on all the information, conditions, provisions, health risks, etc specified and give you your final policy quote for review and acceptance.

Think of yourself as very accurate in your policy application. It could be difficult to fool the life insurance health check and frequently an insurance provider will completely deny you coverage according to your inaccuracies, even though they might have covered you should you have had been better, with a higher premium naturally.

Among this came to us from the fellow in Miami, Florida. He stated on his application which he was obviously a non smoker. But for the greater degree this was true. He failed to take into account the Three or four cigarettes weekly he smoked to qualify him and categorize him as being a smoker. When the exam was completed, it established that he indeed would be a smoker. The insurance company declined to process his application any further. He discontinued smoking for quite a while and applied to another insurance carrier where he was accepted as a non smoker.

The insurance companies have all the electricity and reserve the legal right to not insure you at all they desire. Inside the example above, this mans family might find later, at the time of his death, the insurance carrier will not shell out the death benefit since they will discover that he is a smoker, regardless of whether its just one or two cigarettes each week. The way they discover you ask? Just before coughing up any benefits, regardless of the amount, the insurer will require a reproduction of the medical records in the insured. When they determine that they was a smoker, even when he started later in life, they can deny his family the death benefit as they did not notify them of his alteration of medical status.
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