Jack from Jacksonville

Hello fellow real estate investors! I used to be a big contributor at Bigger Pockets, but found this site and I hope Mark's site is a good place to share and learn. I used to have 7 rental properties, but Regions thought otherwise and took away 5 of them and sold them to a Vulture Capital Team in Minnesota that extorted money out of us and it was painful. Now left with 2 rentals and 3 rent to own. So I am working to refi the rentals, pull cash out and get ready to start buying and either renting more or fixing and flipping. I think the market is ripe for change, its been headed up and rebounding since 2009, at least here in Florida. There are still foreclosures and preforeclosures happening so I think and know there will be opportunities for all of us. My wife is a Realtor so I am able to buy properties that come on the market and I work with wholesalers locally. Build a network of people to help you find and fix properties. Have a few bankers as friends, and commercial people too. You can never know too many people. Build your business plan and stick to it. Far too many people went belly-up being over-leveraged. Hope to learn lots and share lots. My 1 piece of real estate advice - Tenants have the BEST stories as to why they do what they do. Take care, Jack


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