Top real estate marketing ideas to lure the potential customers on social

Instead of finding customers traditionally by publishing a piece of advertisement on a local newspaper or a local TV program, nowadays with the development of internet, it is much easier for realtors to get access to the potential clients through social media. Social media marketing for real estate agents can set your business apart from the competition and get you in front of buyers. The master key is to know how to use social media to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message. Below are the top real estate tips from our expert social media marketing team that will help you keep current audience engaged while drawing in new potential clients Optimize your website With a vast amount of data on internet, customers who want to find a real estate agent will be very aware of selecting reliable information. So if you post links on social channels that lead to weak-looking or poorly optimized pages on your site, you won’t get visitors to stay long. To gain customers’ trust and interest, you should upgrade your website by creating new pages that offer valuable content to your visitors. For example, Homepage for introducing about your business as detail as possible, blog for update information, product & service page for a clear look about all the products and services you offer… Besides that, you should use chat box which automatically pops out once you get access to the website. This magical chat box will motivate customers to take action once they have any concerns about your website. From them, we can get closed to them and support them better. Use the channels your clients follow Social media channels such as facebook, Instagram, linkedin, twitter, pinterest are very popular in the community. Each of them has a specific focus and user type. LinkedIn, for example, is popular among business professionals hoping to broaden their business network – not buy a house. Kevin Bittorie, Senior Account Manager at JumpCrew, says “Real estate is a visual market, so most realtors will benefit from having an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These channels are also great when it comes to monitoring and analyzing engagement. You can get an in-depth understanding of the clients and prospects that are engaging with your page and posts.” These three social media marketing channels will give you the greatest reach to connect with property buyers and sellers. Take part in online groups There are many relevant groups online which you can log in and find the potential clients. On facebook, there are thousands groups about real estate, you can ask to join and become a member in those groups. Post your products’ information and advertise your products on that, but remember don’t spam it. Comment, like and share other posts, create the trust in those groups. Or you can also create your own group to share and invite others to join. It’s the best way to expand your reputation. Co-operate with professional photographer Online real estate market depends a lot on real estate photographs. They are the first thing to capture customers’ attention. So working with professional photographer is what you should do. They will help you create the most attractive and appealing photographs. But you should ask them to make the photos as much natural as they can. Because there are many photographer making abuse of real estate photo editing and make the property look unreal and artificial.
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