Milwaukee Investor

Hi, My name is Max and, along with my wife, we are flipping homes in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI. I am new on this forum and had read a few of Mark's books/articles as well as spent last 5 months reading various publications on real estate. My experience with RE started in 2008 when my family purchased 11 Units (two triplexes and one fourplex). Unfortunately with the market crash we were not able to keep those. We did not know much about RE at the time and did not survive trial by fire :) Many years later we are back at it, although, with a different strategy in mind. Using flips to build up some capital I'd like to get into Commercial RE with 100+ Unit properties. It is a long term plan and for now our goal is to flip two homes in 2018. We had been hard at work searching for deals, creating a team and lining up financing. I look forward to meeting like minded individuals and learning from everyone on this site. Max
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