Selling luxury homes

Hello I would appreciate some advice.
I just started my courses to get my license and I am really exited! I want to start up big in real estate business! Selling luxury homes!
A broker came into our school (champions school) and talked about selling luxury homes. He asked who was interested and shockingly I was the only one raising my hand out of #30 people in the class. He said they do not charge for office fees, he didn't talk much about training but that they are looking for motivated people and he seemed to really know alot. What is your advice in choosing a broker who specializes in luxury homes and what should I be careful with in choosing a broker? Is it diffrent then selling lower amount homes? Any advice would be great Thanks ! Also he did mention they would help giving you leads if you answer calls and such at the office..

Thank you for all of your articles! You inspired me to go ahead and sign up for real estate classes I hope to have a successful story one day!


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