New Agent, new or "wannabe" investor,can it be done at a parallel path

hi there
so i am a newlyi a licensed CA agent still looking for a broker to work under
i have always been interested in real estate even back in 1996
i purchased a foreclosure program while still in New York from a "guru"
that ended up in jail, im sure u guys know him., from florida

i stalled on that and focused on my healthcare career and being a mom
later it bit me again and i did Alexis Mc Gees program back in 2007 or i cant remember
have to check , but before the bubble burst

i did read some biggerpocket comments on alexis, but all i know is she foreclosed on her own
custom built home and hit with lots of taxes, but she is still doing it
i never took off with her program due to focus on my own healthcare business
and 4 kids later i am back again at this real estate thing
getting my license after signing up online for 2-3years ago and finally passing and licensed now

yes, i missed the whole foreclosure bubble invest in that period era but i think everything is in God's time

so here I am now being in a RE forum instead of one from my other healthcare career
my question is
investors flock to your site and some have become realtors and you yourself didnt want to be a sales person
even McGee didnt encourage her students to get her license (more on another topic on her if u want to talk about it or comment)
due to a conflict or more hoops to jump being licensed

anyways so i am just wary about having that 1 focus, coz if i focus on being an agent vs being an investor
would that slow me down on either path , or being an investor/agent is there a goodway to approach it
i know mark u have your team and your dads former office to start off with but
i only have myself, and my hsuband who may be interested in teh construction/rehab part (he is a navy seabee and loves
working with his hands)

i would really like your comments on how to go about this whether to make money of sales, get more training, or focus on 
being an investor/agent,  as it is i am already stuck with this broker split consideration as i hate the idea of someone taking my cut
and i am a self learner anyway, at the same time i like the prestige of the brand name companies and if that would even 
help with wanting to be an investor

in bigger pockets i see many comments about hurray i got my license and thats gonna help
i dont know how that would help in California with ourdifferent laws but any pointers will really help
clear things in my head


  • Hi Trixie, Thank you for joining and the comment. 

    Real estate has been awesome for me as an agent and investor. You can be successful at either one or both, but I think it is best to focus on one in the beginning and then move into the other once you are established.

    You already have your license so I will comment assuming you will be an agent first.  

    1. Who cares if the broker takes a split? They are providing a service to you in support staff, a building, liability, training and lead generation. The more they provide the bigger split they get. I see agents get hung up on the split all the time and they go with the biggest split to them, never sell any houses and leave the business. The most successful agents are the ones who get the most training and sell the most houses. Selling 5 houses a year, but keeping 90% of the split is not better than selling 30 houses a year and keeping 50 %. 
    2. I would not get too hung up on being a self-learner. I was like that too and thought I didn't need help. The truth is no matter what you do there is someone who can do it better or at least a part of it better. If you can learn from them and apply their knowledge you will be successful faster and avoid mistakes. I have no problem paying for training or anything that I will know makes me more money in the end than what it will cost me. 

    The difference between joining an office with great training and one that doesn't will probably equal tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket every year.
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    Hi Trixie,
    I'm curious what you mean exactly with 'self learner'? I don't want be to blunt, but I'd rather not 'self learn' too much while having clients. And if I were the client, I'd expect my realtor to be super knowledgeable, or at least have an experienced mentor/resource. I would not want a realtor who is 'self learning' while selling my house.
  • Great point Jenna. I have to admit I was the same way when I was younger. I thought I could learn everything without help and was proud of it. As I got more experienced I learned that attitufe was really holding me back because I could learn so much faster with help. 
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  • Learning is great and leads to better understand, but having people around with great experience to mentor you cannot be replaced. 

    One of the things i love about real estate is that there's some many strategies, the more you understand, the more you can look at how people execute their model's and effectively create a model that works best for you... So take the best from everyone else and apply that to your business.

    On the starting point, I would similar to Mark always recommend starting with one thing - I have run many different businesses and trying to start two businesses, even related at the same time is VERY rarely successful unless you already have a big team and a ton of cash available. 

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    thank you for all the advice
    Mark is on the a newbie mentoring is more important than getting more money upfront
    and yes doing 2 things at a time is very stressful
    i have a place/listing to sell right now and its taken up my time and my learning curve has had to improve as well
    all your recommendations are spot on!!!
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