Money at foreclosure auctions

I was thinking of going to the county foreclosure auction next month to check it out, see how much some houses I would potentially interested sell for, and generally become more familiar with it. One question I have is typically the auction requires you to have the entire money for the sales price within 20 days. The only way I can think of coming up with that would be to have cash on hand. But possibly there is a way to get a loan from the bank? Just seeing if anyone had any experience with this and how they fund their auction purchases. I definitely think there are some good deals out there in my area and can get a loan for $100,000 to purchase normally, but don't have that kind of cash sitting around to use at an auction.

Another question I had was what happens to the houses that don't sell at the auction? Are they just held until the next month's auction, or could someone put in an offer for purchase with a realtor, similar to the normal path of buying a home. Thanks in advance!


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