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Hey Mark and everyone.  I am a new agent now working in the San Diego area, just moved out of Denver/Boulder where I did some investing.  I love the idea of performing open houses for other, busier, agents in order to practice my communication skills as well a get potential leads.  My question is how do I find other agents that would be willing to allow an outside agent to perform their open houses for them. How should I present myself?  What could I offer them in order to make it worth their while?  Thanks, any help is appreciated!


  • Hello and welcome! 

    The number one thing with open houses is the time it takes. 
    Perhaps putting up a simple website like "We do your open houses" type of theme and make good arrangements with everyone that delivers services to open houses wherever thats related to food, cleaning, materials etc. Particularly the marketing of such events is also very relevant.

    The number one issue with open houses is generally the time it takes to do them, so if people can hire a company to all the work, I'm sure it would be interesting for some. 

    I hope that gives you some ideas.

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  • Usually it is a good thing for agents to have open houses for their sellers whether it is done by the listing agent or another agent. The first thing i would do is ask other agents in your office. Take them to lunch and see if they mind you holding an open house. Tell them it is free marketing for their sellers and you would love to hold open houses whenever the opportunity comes up. 
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