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I guess I used to envision realtors only representing buyers or more specifically, that's what I'd be doing if I decided to ge a realtor. It didn't occur to me that I could be a sellers agent. Maybe the former is naturally more appealing to me but the again, I'm not even sure what a sellers agent even does, besides representimg the seller when the buyer makes an offer. Can anybody simplify the practices of a sellers agent for me? Any opinions about what end of the real estate practice I should take up? (Buyer or sellers agent) I'm ready to change my profession. Thanks guys. - nate


  • Is it a standard practice to take up a particular as a beginner? I don't suspect it's a great time to quit my job
  • (Cont) to ge an agent seeing as the minute I get my feet wet it will be wintertime. I live in the Midwest so I'm hoping to spend d the next 4 to 6 mos getting acclimated.
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    I am not licensed yet, but this is what I understand.  Listing a home means that you are that sellers agent, and subject to receiving a commission upon the sale of the home, even if you are not the one who sells it.  If you are the one who sells it, you must disclose that you are now acting as a dual agent, and both parties must agree that it is OK for you to do this and you must act as a neutral party for both of them, which is difficult. While there is a prepared contract, at least in California, for you to act as an exclusive buyers agent, this is fairly unusual.  Most buyers want to leave their options open.  Listing properties with sellers is where the biggest opportunity lies, finding buyers for those properties is the next opportunity.  Representing buyers only is a unique sort of agent, but many do this.  Talk with your broker to understand this better in your area.
  • Thanks for the input Niki and good luck to you.
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    A seller's or listing agent lists houses for sale. You would market the home, put it in MLS, advertise it and possibly do open houses. Listings are where the money is because listing get you buyers. It also takes less work to list a home and less man hours per transaction than working with most buyers. Typically agents start out working with buyers becuase they are easier to find than sellers. 
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