Real Estate Crowdfunding??

Hey guys,

Are you familiar with Indie gogo? Go fund me? Kickstarter?
Now this crowdfunding platform is coming into the world of REI.
This is suppose to be the next big thing in investing, allowing everyday people to get into
the real estate game with minimal investment. Its also a new innovative way for projects to get funding.
But do you think it could be a SCAM? Mark Cuban thinks so. In a recent Shark Tank episode one of the new 
REI Crowdfunding companies "Tycoon" pitched the Sharks and got a pretty bad response. (video link below)
What do you guys think?
Would you invest using this method? Could it be a good way to build up to larger more traditional real estate investments?

Michael Lane Jr.

Sacramento's Real Estate Specialist


  • I have had some contact with a couple RE crowdfunders. In my experience they are similar to hard money. I am not sure what value they are adding over a hard money lender. 
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  • Would you consider investing with a crowdunding company? 
    Michael Lane Jr.

    Sacramento's Real Estate Specialist
  • I would be hesitant at this point, because it is so new and I don't know why experienced flippers would use them. 
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  • I agree, I think people get really caught up in the initial hype and end up not making smart decisions.
    Michael Lane Jr.

    Sacramento's Real Estate Specialist
  • Does anyone have experiences or opinions to share about  They seen to have a due diligence process to accept projects for funding??
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    Crowdfunding sometimes need guidance. There is a review in ayudos review that might help you guys.
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  • There's an interesting company in this space called "Patch of Land" and there's a great video here around their service:

    It's primarily focused on investors with a good bit of capital, but their model definitely sound very interesting!

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  • The real estate concept is growing and it requires more improvement. Crowdfunding does not work on its own and it requires professional marketing to make it happen. Investors are required to choose right platform and they must have other sources of capital.
  • I agree with @alicesmith, it is key to choose a platform that works best for you and offers the type of deal that best diversify your investment portfolio. At the same time you will need to evaluate the deal as well. I created a quick real estate investing checklist to do just that. At the end of the day, you can find a platform that allows you to invest $1000 dollars to get a feel for what real estate crowdfunding can do for you.
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