Having a 2nd job

I am in the early stages of exploring a career in real estate.  There is a lot of advice out there and this question might have already been addressed in another forum discussion but your input would be appreciated or direction to similar conversations.  

I've been told it is best to to have 6-12 months nest egg reserved prior becoming a real estate agent and that if wanting to succeed & excel it is best to also be full time.  

I do not have the nest egg and I am interested in being a full time agent as soon as financially able but I see myself having to have another form of income before I can take that leap.  Naturally my ability to excel will be stunted by the distraction of other employment but can anyone speak to this: if a 2nd job is going to be held is there any practical advice you can give, like....deliver pizzas in the evenings so you can dedicate daytime hours to real estate, or have a day time job and leave evenings and weekends open because that is where the majority of time is spent initially as an agent?

I do see myself working somewhere else initially just to manage monthly expenses, but is there any particular industry or schedule that you think would lend itself best to a new real estate agent.  Thanks for any insights!  


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