If you're new to real estate, is it a good idea to start as a rental agent?

Here in Boston, there are tons of rental agencies and rental agents because we have so many colleges and young folks who are looking to rent. I was curious to know everyone's thoughts on if it's a good idea for a rookie real estate agent to start their RE career first by being a rental agent?

Today was actually my first day of pre-license class, and my teacher (a veteran real estate broker himself) brought this very same topic up. He said "Don't waste your time, start with sales." 

What are your thoughts, folks? Is it a good idea for a brand new real estate agent with no experience to start their real estate career as a rental agent first?

Is being a rental agent a good way to learn real estate and real estate sale skills?

Has anyone started their real estate career by being a rental agent?

I'm looking forward to learning from your knowledge about real estate and life to help me with mine!
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  • This is a great question that I have heard a few times. My thoughts are the same as your instructors. 

    1. Being a rental agent may not teach you anything about selling as the company wants to teach you how to rent homes not sell them. 
    2. Do you want to learn to sell houses from a company that does not sell houses or sells very few? 
    3. I think renting and buying are completely different and agents need different skills to do both.
    4. The biggest concern is getting stuck in a rental job because you are getting a steady pay check and don't have the time or money to sell on your own. 
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