Management software?

What's the best management software for an owner who manages their own properties? (Keep in mind I only have a couple properties now, but I plan to scale up quickly to 10 or so. If I get more than that I may look into professional management. But in the mean time, I want to streamline / automate as much as possible.)

I was thinking I liked Buildium, since it seemingly can do it all:
  • Property accounting
  • Company financials
  • Online payments
  • Resident portal
  • Lease & document management
  • Maintenance request tracking
  • Renter's insurance
  • Renter application
  • Tenant screening
  • Website
  • Syndicate listings
Sounds awesome. I can get many of these features individually elsewhere, possibly cheaper, but it seems like it would be nice to have it all in one place. I like the idea that it includes accounting, but can it really replace QuickBooks?

Also, poking around the free trial, it seems it's really geared towards management companies who manage for other owners. Can it be setup to work well for those of us who manage our own properties?

Also digging around more on BP and Google, I see there are tons of other options for property management software. It's a little overwhelming! Any opinions on these?


  • Man, TenantCloud (formerly EVAproperty) looks incredible, and free!

    Can't figure out how they make money. Cozy is free but makes money on the background checks. That's the one thing that TenantCloud doesn't do (yet). 

    Anybody have experience with TenantCloud / EVAproperty? Not much on BP about them. Maybe I'll start a thread there.

    Also, I meant to ask Mark, what did you use when you were managing your own properties?
  • I didn't use software. I just used quicken for accoutning. 
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    I'd like to also throw into the mix of software's to consider.

    It is totally free for landlords and property managers.

    Some of the features:
    • Automatic rental marketing  (send the listing out to dozens of websites like
    • Easy Craigslist Posting
    • Beautiful Marketing Website for Each Property
    • Online Tenant Applications
    • Integrated tenant screening  (Full credit report and criminal background check - backed by TransUnion)
    • Online Rent Payments (Coming Soon!)
    • Flyers, free forms and calculators
    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    I like this one It’s relatively new service, however, it has features that are beneficial for landlords. Platform allows to list property, run tenant screening (credit reports and background checks), sign the lease online. The unique feature that platform has is bidding. Landlords can get  customer offers from tenants without meeting them  in person. Thus, property owners could be sure that they rent the property at true market price. 

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