Hello From Philly

Hello, I'm Rich (Not Yet) I'm new here. New to REI. Been studying a while. Webinars and podcasts at Bigger Pockets and devouring book after book. Just made an offer on an REO today that should make a pretty good rental. We'll see. Looking forward to learning all I can here, and hopefully be able to contribute a little something too.
Rich Fields


  • Hi Rich! 
    Welcome tot he site! 
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  • Rich,
    Welcome, I work in the southern NJ markets right over the bridge from you. What area's are you focusing on in Philly?
  • I'll buy wherever I can find a good deal, but I'm pretty much focused on Kensington right now. A lot of it is still a war zone, but it's starting to see some spillover from Fishtown. There are pockets, even in the war zones that aren't too bad.
    Rich Fields
  • I used to hang out a bit by the rock ministries boxing gym under the el . Definitely an interesting area. Next time I'm in the city want to get a coffee
  • Sure, if I'm not working. I work a w2 job 40 to 60 hours a week. Just got a fully rented triplex under contract today in Frankford, on Griscom St behind the old Frankford hospital.

    Was that gym near Lehigh Ave?
    Rich Fields
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