Flips in northern Colorado

Hi Mark,
    First I wanted to say thanks for your website and blog. I've read your eBook and a lot of your blog posts which have been very encouraging and helpful. More importantly your success in 2015 on flips, 10 of them, in the northern Colorado area which is what attracted me to your site. I've also been active in northern Colorado/Denver but last year (2015) I had flips=0 and new rentals=0. I'm looking to change that in 2016 with hopefully flips=4 and rentals=2. I was hoping you could comment on the following market specific questions related to northern Colorado that have been on my mind:

- I've been very hesitant to buy something this past year because prices have sky rocketed around here to the point people are having difficulty buying them. I've personally had one of my rentals over 3x in value in the last 4 years.  I rarely go to a public trustee auctions any more because buyers have been bidding close and above market value. I noticed yourself buying in the Ohio area commenting on the sharp price increases here in Colorado. Moreover billionaires like Sam Zell who sold just before the 2008 crash are now selling billions $$ in real estate again in the last several months. Comments?

- You commented on surviving the 2008 real estate crash, how did you do that? What do you suggest to others to help protect against another market crash, if it happens?

- I saw that you have 13 flips currently, have wholesaled in the past and maybe looking to sell a few more this year (2016). How do I get on your email list for flip properties that you are wholesaling?

Mark M.


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