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Hi Mark,

I am new as of today. I found you by surfing the web for new marketing ideas for 2016.I watched your video on why to use a realtor (while you were driving) and thought you were pretty smart!  I have been a full time realtor for 25 years. My average sales are $100,000-$175,000, just because of the area I am in. I usually produce about 2 1/5 to 3 million a year. I am trying to list more a little outside of my general area that are $250,000-$500,000. I have been asked "Why should I list with you, what can you do that Miss Lister at ABC Realty can't?" I am forever stumped by this question. Yes, I have internet, multiple listing, website, experienced in local market, readily available, excellent negotiator.... I wish you could help me with the answer that will get me the listings that Miss Lister keeps taking from me.

Your new friend,



  • Hi, the best thing you can do is be confident. Have a list of services you offer and spout them off right away as soon as they ask. Pretend they are unique to you even if they are not. Don't lie, but don't tell them you don't do anything different either. also make sure you use your experience and the importance of valuing a propertty correctly. 
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  • Wow! That's it! "The importance of valuing your property correctly", that's what I do Mr. Seller.  Just like you said in your video! No more, well we can start there and reduce.

    Thanks Mark!!!

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