I Need Guidance Getting Started Or "Pulling The Trigger" In Real Estate Investing

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Hello All,

My name is Levon and I need help getting started in real estate investing. I have already done quite a bit of research, read several books (still am), but I seem to keep having set-backs which I find even more motivating but it does get a little annoying. I have been trying to go the conventional way of applying for a mortgage and renting out my first property but it seems that I cannot apply for a larger mortgage than $100,000 due to employment history (1 1/2 years only) issues since banks require for the most part a 2 year employment. Normally, in the area that I would like to invest, a mortgage of 100-200,000 would snag up a nice property. Under 100k might contain some good gems but are definitely more rundown.

I would definitely appreciate some guidance on this topic.

A brief background about me:
22 years old
Working full time
Almost $40,000 saved
Average income of $35-45,000/year (not much but it's a start)
Credit score done last year was 737-741

Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy message!

Levon K.


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