Beginner investor from NYC

Hey guys,  

Im a beginning investor from NYC and always wanted to get into real estate. I work as a project manager for a software company.  I like my job, however I wish I actually never went to school and got into investing much earlier in life.  Well anyway, looking to move forward.   Im also very passionate about music and play guitar and produce house music on my spare time.   

My goals are to be financially free and basically work for myself.  I am more interested in cash flow from rentals than fix and flips.  I think I would be very interested in fix and flips once I can leave my full time job.  Im 29 years old and moved back in with my parents about a year ago to save capital.  I had to pay off some really bad student loans that crushed my credit years ago.  I took care of all that and credit is looking good and am looking to start to invest.

My biggest issue right now is not having enough capital.  The NYC area is waaaaayy more expensive than I anticipated.   Im considering buying in Jersey just because even if I could afford some of these places, they really wouldn't be all that good of an investment.   I am looking at 2 family houses currently and may go into business with a partner, just because its just taking so long.  

I am reading the book HOLD and I have to say its very informative and definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in rentals.  I have been coupling that with the great amount information provided on this great website.  Looking forward to discussing the questions and issues I have and future discussion


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