What do you pay an agent as an investor and how do they help you make money going in

Hey guys,

Im new to the forum and have always been very interested in real estate and finally starting to look into some properties.  I am a little confused on how agents operate.   So far, I know that there are buyers agents and sellers agents.   Here are some questions below:  

1) When I call an agents number on Trulia to find out about a property am I speaking to a sellers agent or a buyers agent?

2) When you use an agent to find you a house,  are you paying them any sort of commission in the same way that a person who sells a house does?  Ive heard that this is usually taken care of as part of closing costs, however Im really not sure about this.

3) If its in your best interest to get a property below market value, does your agent help you with that? Basically, what is their goal, is it to find you the best deal?  or do they make commission much like a sellers agent does: on the price of the property.

This is all a bit of a mystery to me and I've been doing a lot of reading and can't seem to find the answers to it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Love the blog btw.


  • 1. could be either. There are strictly buyers agents and sellers agents, but many agents do both. 
    2. The seller usually pays your agent commission.
    3. It should be your job to get awesome deals, but agents can help. Yes they get paid on the price of a home, but they would rather sell a great deal to you than no deal at all. 
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