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Hello Everyone!

I moved into a new area a few months ago, into a
standard little neighborhood for my area. Whole bunch of 3/2, ~1,400
sqft houses, built in 1977/1978. Today, while the wife and I were doing
misc. work outside, we started talking to a neighbor across the street.
That standard, super great, old guy who takes immaculate care of his
house and knows everything about the neighborhood. As an aside,
yesterday he was vacuuming out his exterior light fixtures.

we found out today that the house next to him had been vacant for the
last 3 years. Grass is always cut, so it never crossed my mind.
Apparently the guy who was in it died 3 years ago. Not sure about
specifics, but there was a reverse mortgage. Could have been some will
related stuff. Regardless, an entity out of Texas called "MORTGAGE
EQUITY CONV ASSET TRUST 2011-1" now holds the deed, and based on the
public records and the paper taped to the front door, the foreclosure
proceedings finished last month. Googling the mailing address of that
entity, I got a company called Nationstar Mortgage.

I'm wondering, is one, is my breakdown of costs accurate? And two, I am
going to contact the company tomorrow, do companies like this ever sell
a house like this without taking it to auction? The house is in fairly
good condition, all things considered. Needs a new roof. About 2/3 of
the siding has already been upgraded from T1-11 to hardiplank, so the
remaining would need to be updated. Interior would need a pretty
significant cosmetic renovation(all new flooring, paint, cabinets, etc),
but I'm highly confident that there aren't structural issues that would
need to be addressed. When in doubt, I went with mid-high cost
estimates from The Book On Estimating Rehab Costs, and when in doubt I
also assumed it would need to be replaced(like some drywall). Some of
the work I can do at cost, I own a painting company and have a general
contractors license. A few of my guys have some general construction
background. The only thing that I bid at cost is painting, because I
know for sure that is something we can do.

Cost breakdown is copy/pasted from the BiggerPockets calc. ARV
is based on a few houses within a stones throw that have sold in the
last 2-3 months. One of which is a house about 4 houses down the road,
about 100sqft larger than this one, sold for $215,000. It was far nicer
than other houses around, as it had been updated, but it still had a
fair amount of 70's stained cabinets, trim, and doors. My closing costs
may be a bit low, but that is at least countered by me being an
agent(licensed, but never did anything), and realistically I can waive
my commission when selling.

According to the data you provided, you can afford to offer $113,424.00 to make a profit of $30,750.00. This is based on an ARV of $205,000.00, a rehab budget of $35,380.00, and holding costs of $7,896.00.

See the full analysis below for more data.

Financial Summary for Flipper

Financial Breakdown

Purchase Costs

Purchase Price: ($113,424.00)
Purchase Closing Costs: ($3,250.00)
Total ($116,674.00)
Rehab Costs
Total Rehab Costs: ($35,380.00)
Total ($35,380.00)
Holding Costs
Monthly Holding Costs: ($1,974.00)
Total Days Held: 120
Total ($7,896.00)
Sales Costs
Sales Price After Fix Up (ARV): $205,000.00
All Selling Closing Costs: ($2,000.00)
Real Estate Agent Fees: ($12,300.00)
Total $190,700.00
Total Profit for Flip $30,750.00
Flip Hypothetical Profit If Held For...
45 Days 90 Days 270 Days
$35,685.00 $32,724.00 $20,880.00

Estimated Repairs

Exterior Repairs Roof$4,500






Exterior Painting$1,680




Interior Repairs Demo$1,300



Carpentry / Windows / Doors$2,000


Interior Painting$1,800






General Components Permits$200




Total Repairs: $35,380.00


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    Was never able to find the owner. The mortgage company says they don't own it, the registered agent doesn't own it, can't find the entity, tax assessor couldn't figure it out. We'll see if it goes up for auction soon.
  • They can't and won't sell before it is listed on the mls. THey are not allowed to sell it before the foreclosure auction because they don't own it yet. 
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