Hungry UNC student wants Real Estate success

Hello Everyone,

My name is Bradley Cumming, and I am a freshman at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.

My buddies and I are looking to start-up a real estate investment company that initially focuses on multi-families

near our campus. We plan to use 4 (there are 4 of us) separate FHA/203k loans to acquire tri/quad-plexes.

At the moment, we are campaigning to gain outside investors and cosigners and will hopefully be profitable with a couple

units by early 2017. We are graciously open to any tips and suggestions that will yield success to our business and are willing hustle

to gain as much experience and insight in the world of real estate as possible. We are young but very hungry.

Looking forward to networking and contributing to this forum!

Best Regards

Freshman at the University of Northern Colorado

Majoring in Finance, Mathematics, and Economics

Goals: Acquire cash flowing real estate assets and

start a successful real estate company within six months.


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